Making a Boxelder Maple and Walnut Floating Top C-Table

I found an old beech table on the curb with a free sign taped to it. I milled it down, and made myself a Floating top C Table for the sofa. My wife absolutely loved it, and asked me to make her one. If my wife asks me to make her something, I cant wait to get to making her something special.

I headed out to Indy Urban Hardwood (for the first time) to check out some materials and see what I might be inspired to make. With my wife's C-Table in the back of my mind, I spotted a stack of beautiful Boxelder Maple Slabs. I knew they were out of my budget, so I asked the Brian at Indy Urban if he could live with chopping off a 20 inch piece for my table top. He didn't want to break up the slab (understandable), and offered an alternative solution to make a laminated top. Laminating the top, put me in a good position to be able to afford and use a wood species that I was certain my wife would love. 

I hauled my lumber home, and went on to select complimenting grain patterns, do my grain selection and board selection for the project. I settled on using bloodwood, and walnut to compliment the boxelder. 

I had already made the style and design C table, so all I had to do was mill my stock, measure/cut parts etc... no design or math required. Here is a timelapse video of my build if you're interested seeing how it all came together. 

The project went great overall, aside from some alignment issues with a new dowel jig I was trying out. This was my first time using a store bought jig, I should have made some test joints to get a feel for its operation. With a few modifications, I'll make good use of the jig. All in all, I consider the project a success. I love the final form, and my wife is thrilled (its got pink in it).

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